Features of E-Banking

Internet banking is a consumer electronic banking service. You may access Internet Banking
using a personal computer through Citizens Bank of Cape Vincent Website on the Internet.

Designation of Primary Account: In order to use Internet Banking, you must have an account with
Citizens Bank of Cape Vincent. 

Available Service through Internet Banking:  The Internet Banking Home Banking Service allows you to:

  • Transfer Funds electronically (Transfers)
  • Obtain account information:
  • Obtain certain Citizens Bank of Cape Vincent products and service information
  • Online Bill Pay™

General Information about Internet Banking:  You may use Internet Banking virtually any time,
day or night, 7 days a week.  However, Internet Banking may be temporarily unavailable due to
Citizens Bank of Cape Vincent record updating, or technical difficulties.  To utilize the services, you
will need to enter your assigned PIN or Service Password and otherwise satisfy the system’s
security procedures.



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